On my way

Oh gosh I thought that I would be better at this. Sorry that it has been so long. Oops a daisy, I got side tracked working and watching Netflix. I promise that I will be posting more. Cross my heart.

In the two weeks that I have been gone I’ve bought a plane ticket and sent in my rooming application (pause for loud cheering and general pandemonium). My trip is all of a sudden very real! I will write a bit more about each of these minor successes at a later time. But with that said I am so excited to be onto the next steps in preparation for my study abroad. I tell you right now that I am a list maker. Not just a casual grocery list maker, but a full fledged crazy, write everything down list maker. So far in my planing I have made like five lists. I make a list every day at work for the things I need to do when I get back home. Things like research phone plans, look for plan tickets, email adviser and watch next teen wolf. List after list after list. My life is a giant list but I am okay with that because I have just a flighty brain. I may be forgetful but I am a planner.

Currently – and top of my list – is finding how I will use money overseas and what the best option for a cell phone is. I am a modern woman who maybe a little attached to her phone. I am NOT a person who cannot live a day without it, but I like to have the comfort of my little electronic friend in my hand. I believe that it will be really important to have a cell overseas for several reasons. One safety. Two to communicate with the charming friends I will make. And three safety! I don’t want to rant and rave about cell phone but when travelling in a foreign country I think that access to a phone to call for help is a really, really fantastic idea. Now I know that I won’t be exploring Paris at night or prancing through the red light district with a strange man on my arm, but having a phone just seems like a good idea. So, I suggest to everyone out there who is going to be traveling, look into international phone plans. I will keep you posted on my finding outs. Next topic of using money overseas. I have not done a ton of research but I think that i will be using a credit card or debit. Exchanging loads of cash just seems like an unreasonable hassle, plus I don’t think carrying around a bag full over money is really a smart choice, unless you’re into getting mugged. I think I just have to talk to my bank and tell them that I will be out of the country using my card. This way they won’t be alarmed when I start making transactions in another country.

Like I said earlier, I will be hopefully posting more often. Right now my life isn’t too exciting. Just work work work to get money for this trip. Though I know it will all be worth it in the end. This was a bit more informative post and a lot less witty. I apologize for the lack of sarcasm and hilarity. What did the worker at a rubber band factory say when he lost his job? Oh SNAP!!! There you go I hope you enjoyed that:)

Until next time


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