In one month I will be in England. I seriously can’t believe it is happening! I have wanted to travel to the UK for years -Harry Potter really influenced my informative years- and now it is actually happening. It is kind of like a dream, not real yet just still an idea in my head. I am one of those people that make plans and dwell of them, thinking about all the possibilities and outcomes. I have this fantasy in my head of how my study abroad will be, who I will meet and how it will effect me. I think and think and think but in the end it does not really matter because I control nothing. No matter how many scenarios I plan in my head there is little to no chance that they will ever happen. I probably won’t get to visit all the countries I want to or meet Harry Styles at the airport and fall madly in love. But that is okay. My experience will be amazing no matter what because I am doing it. This study abroad will be a challenge, but a challenge to be embraced. No matter what I day dream about my time overseas will be better because it will be real. So to all of you out there stuck in a day dream fantasy world, go out and do what ever it is that you have been dwelling on.

Until next time…


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