Bit by Bit

Just about two more weeks and i will be setting off to Lancaster, England. I have been working so much that it doesn’t seem real. This is my last week of work, then I am giving myself a week off to pack and make sure that I have everything figured out. Busy, busy, busy. I’ve been making a lovely little list of all the things i still need to gather. Two of the most important things on said list are a camera and an adapter. I have a camera already, but it is just a standard digital camera, plus I got it when I was a freshman in high school. Needless to say I wanted to upgrade to something a little more fancy before i head out on an experience of a life time. I know what camera I want, a canon rebel, but the price makes me what to cry. I tell myself that it is worth it, this camera is AMAZING and I would get a lot of use out of it, but I am a penny pincher with a wicked case of buyer’s remorse (even when I don’t truly regret it). With that said I will buy that camera and I will love it because I can post pictures on this blog and show you guys exactly what I’m up to.

Random Note: I swear that this was going to be a helpful blog for student traveler or adventurers in general, but it is kinda just turning into the output of the thoughts in my brain. Though I do hope that my experience will be slightly beneficial to at least one person.

Any whos. The other major thing I need is an adapter. Since I do live in the modern age and not in a cave I will be bringing technology with me overseas. And will technology comes electricity and with electricity comes outlets. Now, trying to figure out this adapter situation was a new experience for me. I may own the electronics but I have the most basic understanding of how they work. Seriously, I have no clue how CD’s work or how there is just internet in the air! I think I am actually an ninety year old lady in a teenager’s body. So, I was on amazon browsing through adapters, trying to figure out which one would work best. I came across a thing called a converter which I had no idea if I needed. I had to look up the voltage of my laptop and try to figure out if I needed an adapter or converter or both. It was a stressful hour. In the end i think I will be just getting an adapter. With that said I will be going to best buy to talk to the professionals to make sure I don’t blow up my laptop. Which would not be a good thing. But hey at the end of the day things are falling into place. Bit by bit this trip is coming together:)

Until next time…


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