Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I am currently sitting in my little bedroom in Lancaster. I made it here and that is amazing. Though the journey was definitely interesting. So let’s start in the beginning.

Part One: Plane

The flight took seven hours to get over the Atlantic.  The flight wasn’t bad at all. Me and Sam, the girl I am traveling with, were in the middle row of the plan. The girl how was going to be sitting in the middle of us moved because we wanted more room for her legs because she has a bad knee. This worked out great because we were able to put our things in the middle seat area which gave us a ton more space. Like I said flight went smoothly; I slept for a bit, ate some delicious plane food (they served us dinner and breakfast), watched the movie 42 and chatted with some nice people. The landing of the plane was the part. The pilot came on and said to prepare for landing so we did so. I kept looking out the window trying to see the ground because I like seeing all the little house but we where still high in the clouds. So we are waiting and waiting to see the ground when all of a sudden the plan starts shaking. I figured we where going through turbulence but then the plane starts making grinding sounds! Needless to say my heart start pounding as I’m thinking we are going to fall out of the sky. I would like to add that this flight was my first after watching Lost so I was a bit paranoid. I then look out the window and through what I thought was clouds I see grass and the runway that our plane was cruising down.  Hurray we made it to England and arrived in the most stereotypical weather! Next we went through customs, who gave us no issues. I was nervous about customs because I didn’t get a visa because my school said that I didn’t have to get one. I was just scared that the customs people would turn me way and send me back to America. But they didn’t. Now this brings me to the next part of the story…

Part Two: Train

So after collecting our bags, which I might add were VERY heavy, we walked for 10 minutes through the Manchester airport to get to the train station. After purchasing my ticket with my debit card we went to wait on the platform. We had about a twenty minute wait for our train, so we attempted to connect to the wifi and get a message to our families back home. Though this turned out to be a bust because our phones would not connect to any wifi. This will be a problem discussed in another post so let’s get back to the train story. When our train arrived a voice on the loud speaker said where the train was going and the different stops. We just got on the train car right in front of us and lugged our bags on board. Though with closer inspection we found out that the train that seemed to be one big train was actually two that would eventually split apart and we were in the wrong section. We realized this at about 8:54 and the train was leaving at 9:00. We asked a worked where to go and she said to one of the front cars. We pulled our luggage off the train and attempted to run towards the front. Sam made it to one of the front cars but the doors were closed and I, in the tangle of my luggage, managed to trip over my bags and fall on my face! The people already on the train were able to open the doors for Sam and I, with my bruised knees and pride, made it to the train door two. We were still confused whether we were on the right train, but the two girls that opened the door for Sam were also going to Lancaster, so we decided to stay and if we got lost, we got lost together. Our train set off and we saw the industrial Manchester, pretty English town row houses and farms. As it turns out the girls who we meet on the train were also heading to our university and are exchange students from Germany! It was so awesome to meet them in what seemed like a very unlikely place, of all the people to help us get on the train. The train ride was about an hour long and it was a nice time to relax after the stress of our previous adventures. There was a girl that walked up and down the aisle saying, “Anything from the trolley?” This made me think of the Hogwarts Express and i wanted to ask for a chocolate frog, though I think the worker would have been less than enthused. Then our train rolled into the Lancaster station and we got off. The station was so pretty made of stone and arched door and hanging flowers everywhere. Sigh so very English. One of the best things about England so far is that instead of exit signs the signs say “way out” and have an arrow. Then it was onto the next step of reaching campus…

Part Three: Automobile

Getting a taxi made me a little nervous because back in the states it is always so ridiculously expensive. Our school is very close to the station but I didn’t know if the cab driver would charge us an arm and a leg, plus our first born child! When we exited the station there was a line of taxis. I went up to the first driver and told him where we were going and asked how much it would be. I braced myself for the amount and he said, “Seven quid.” First I was like, “What the heck is a quid?!” The driver told me that quid is just slang for pound and we agreed to the ride. The four of us helped put the luggage in the vehicle, which is what I’m going to call it because it wasn’t a car or a van or a jeep. I’m not sure what it was. We rode in the back with the luggage and the two girl girls rode up front with the driver and gave him the directions. The ride was great, we saw all the cute shops that lined the streets and experienced was it was like to ride on the other side of the road. This I’m going to have to get used to. After our short little drive we got to our school and headed to check in.

I arrived yesterday, but it was very crazy so I am posting about my travels now and will post about my stressful first day later tonight!

Until next time…


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