Getting Oriented

I have now been in England for a full week. For the majority of that time I have spent in orientation. On the weekend I had the international orientation, which consisted of us figuring out our class schedule (the English call this a timetable) and getting adjusted to the new structure. On Friday we went on a tour of the castle located in the middle of town. That was really awesome to see something so old. Coming from America I am not used to being around such history, saying American is only a few hundred years old. We then got a tour of the town and walked around the city center, which is lined with little shops and restaurants. I seriously love Lancaster. It is adorable and so very English. 

What is also so very English is this weather. It has been cold, rainy and windy nearly everyday. I have got a fantastic little cold going on right now. I knew it was going to be cold, but coming from a humid 80 degrees Fahrenheit to a cold 60 my body was not pleased! So, I have been going through a lot of tissues and wearing a lot of layers. I think I just have to get accustomed to the cold and hopefully I will be fine.

Back on the subject of orientation, this week is welcome week. Since this week is normally for the first year students it is more fondly called Freshers Week. That means that I don’t officially have any classes but I do have to go to certain lectures. I have meet my professors to get course outlines, went to a lecture abut safety on campus, then learned about the library and the online resources offered through the university. I had tea and cakes with the english department too. Then every evening there are activities and parties. To say that I am tired would be a very large under statement!!

Until next time…   



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