Hello Mr. Darcy!

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of visiting the Lake District. If I wasn’t already in love with the English charm, I most certainly am now. Everything was just so adorable and old, ugh it was so pretty! When I think about the Lake District one of the main things I think about is Mr. Darcy from the Pride and the Prejudice. That movie is one of my favorites and Mr. Darcy has his fancy home up in the Lake District, so while on our tour I kept thinking about finding Mr. Darcy. Unfortunately I did not find him, but we did see some amazingly spectacular homes on the lake. I could definitely see the appeal or living in such a beautiful part of the country.









So the day started with us leaving from campus via a coach, aka a bus it just sounds fancier saying it the English way. We rode for about an hour and arrived in Bowness-on-Windermere. This small town sits on lake Windermere and is home to the Beatrix Potter museum. The majority of our time here was spent exploring the side streets, drinking hot coco and staying away from the evil swans. That last bit may sound crazy, but there were swans everywhere and I am not a fan of birds and swans are supposed to be mean birds. There were so many people trying to pet them and take pictures with them and I seriously thought someone was going to lose a kneecap! After our time gazing at the architecture of this old village we hopped aboard a ferry to take us to the next stop on our tour, Ambleside.



They ferry ride was chilly, but beautiful. In a perfect world it wouldn’t have been as foggy as it was, but the pictures I took still looked amazing. Everything around the lake was so lush and green, hills with sleep and fields surrounded us. The lake shore was speckled with large manors and tree lined roads. I don’t know whats wrong with me, but I seriously love roads lined with trees. They are the most beautiful thing to me. Anyway, at one point we were floating past a giant stone mansion and we could see a wedding going on. The bride was just about to walk down the aisle when see turned to us and waved. I would love to get married in a place like that; so much charm and history. After our little ferry ride we arrived in Ambleside, which was my favorite stop on the tour.















In Ambleside we walked the streets, went into shops and ate at a fish n’ chip restaurant. The streets were all cobble stone and the building were stone as well. Everything just felt so old and relaxed. There were people out shopping and walking their dogs. It was all to lovely. I also saw a quintessential old English doubledecker bus. I was being a very typical tourist snapping photos of everything under the sun. Cute fence, I took a picture, pretty bed and breakfast, I took a picture. After two hours we got back on the bus and headed to the last stop of the day, Grasmere.


Grasmere was the smallest of the places we visited, with only a few little streets. We took a walk in the daffodil garden that William Wordsworth wrote his famous poem about. There was a memorial for him in the garden and it looked out over a stone bridge and stream. The best part of Grasmere was that we found a red telephone box! Being your typical British fanatic I was so excited, I practically ran to it. After taking pictures in the box like the tourists we are, we sat in a tea shops and chatted in the coziness.















This trip was a great experience to see more of England and I can’t wait to do more.

Until next time…


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