A Train Ride To Almost Scotland

This past Saturday we went the farthest North so far. We went to Carlisle which is a city on the border of Scotland and England, so we where in almost Scotland. I was really excited about this trip for several reasons. One we got to ride a train, which thrills me like I’m Sheldon Cooper […]

How To Travel Around Europe: Poor Student Style

A guide to seeing Europe with little to no money: I knew that when I was over in England I wanted to do as much traveling as humanly possible. So for the past two weeks me and my travelling partner in crime have been scheming our great European adventure. This as the hardest part of […]

A Castle Here And A Castle There

Hello again! Staying on my predictable streak we went on another day trip this weekend, but -plot twist- we did it on Sunday and not Saturday! So anyways, we decided to go back up to the Lake District and visit the town of Kendal. My friend was told that we had to get up to […]

Up In Lights

I am getting bad at telling my weekend stories at a reasonable time. So what I’m about to talk about happened on our last Saturday outing. And I know, I know, that was like five days ago, but I’ve been busy with school aka watching Awkward or Revenge and reading The Book Thief. I just […]

The Cinema Story

To be honest I haven’t really felt any culture shock, but now that has changed. Last night a group of us went to the movies to see Runner Runner. Us girls were in it for Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck, while the boys wanted the action. Now I thought going to the movies, or as […]

Oh By The Sea

Another sunny day graced us with it’s presence this weekend. What?! Sunshine two days in a row, that is crazy!!!! I know you many be a little surprised, but I tell no lie. So what did we do on this lovely day? We decided to go to the beach of course. Lancaster is located about […]