Oh By The Sea

Another sunny day graced us with it’s presence this weekend. What?! Sunshine two days in a row, that is crazy!!!! I know you many be a little surprised, but I tell no lie. So what did we do on this lovely day? We decided to go to the beach of course. Lancaster is located about five miles from the Irish Sea. I love that I am so close to the water, not that it is swimming weather. We decided to visit the town of Morecambe on this lovely day.

Our mode of transportation for this fun outing, a doubledecker bus! We went to the bus station in town and through the knowledge of my experienced public transportation friends, we figured out the bus we had to get on. Luckily we asked about a group deal. A regular single rider for a day costs £4.60 and we got a group deal of £5.40 for five people. Talk about a deal! I paid £1 for this round trip. So, we oblivious rode on the top level of the bus because let’s face it, I’m in England and what is more English then a doubledecker bus. Plus the view was great. The ride was definitely exhilarating. It is a wonder how the bus can maneuver through the streets. I thought for sure that we were going to hit a sign, or tree, or a house! The bus driver even told us when we had to get off, because we weren’t sure when we had to get off. Talk about service.

So after a short walk we where on the promenade with the Irish Sea in front of us.


We spent the next few hours strolling on the promenade and staring at the beauty that was before us. I spent most of my time snapping as many pictures as I could, looking like a total tourist and loving it! I love being by the ocean, smelling the salty air and just being by the water. One thing that I love about England is that there are so many dogs. A lot of the time they aren’t even on leashes, so they are just running around, all happy and loving life. Also scooters are very big with the kids over here. I remember back when I was like nine and razor scooters were the it thing to have. Now I can’t walk down the street without seeing a kid rolling by. Anyways, that was a bit off topic. The beach was great to walk on. Get my toes in the sand. It was low tide when we got there, so the water was really far out. Though that didn’t stop us from touching the Irish Sea! We took our shoes off, rolled up our pants and started the long trek over the sand to the water. Now this was no ordinary sand, it was in different sand stages. First we had to walk on rock hard sand that made the bottom of your feet hurt. Then came the squishy sand that was nice. Then came my personal favorite the quicksand mud that would suck your feet into a muddy hole. It sure was an adventure, but after slipping and sliding our way through the last leg of our journey we got to the water. I was able to stick my feet in the Irish Sea. Hurray!! It was so beautiful, plus the water was surprisingly warm. What a great day to spend with my new friends. I have having a blast and loving all the exploring. I hope to continue these little adventures every weekend. And lucky for you I will be bring all the fun detail to you.

Until next time…


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