The Cinema Story

To be honest I haven’t really felt any culture shock, but now that has changed. Last night a group of us went to the movies to see Runner Runner. Us girls were in it for Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck, while the boys wanted the action. Now I thought going to the movies, or as the English say the cinema, wouldn’t be any different from going to one in America. Boy was I wrong!

Firstly, and definitely the most extreme difference is that you are assigned a seat when buying a ticket. This just seemed so odd to my small American mind. See in the States we just buy general admission and pick our seat when we get into the theater. My German friends were not phased by this because I guess it is normal practice in Europe. I just found it so weird and pointless. I enjoy my freedom to choose my seat when I go to the movies.

After we sat down in our seats we waited for the film (what the English call a movie) to start. So at 8:30 when it was scheduled to begin the previews started. But these where not movie preview, which are always before movies in American, these were legit commercials that you would see on tv. Ads for cars and beer were shown for about fifteen minutes before the movie trailers began. Watching the trailers at the beginning of a movie is one of my favorite parts of going to a movie theater. You get to see all the new things coming out and get excited about ones you are looking forward to. Though after sitting through so many ads I was not in the movie trailer mood, I just wanted the film to start. So at around 9:00 the movie actually began! This how set up to a movie was so strange to me, but I guess it is just my silly American way. The movie was great, so I’d call it a successful evening out. Though how would have guessed that my first wave of culture shock would be brought about by a trip to the movies.

Until next time…


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