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I am getting bad at telling my weekend stories at a reasonable time. So what I’m about to talk about happened on our last Saturday outing. And I know, I know, that was like five days ago, but I’ve been busy with school aka watching Awkward or Revenge and reading The Book Thief. I just get really distracted when I get sucked into a good TV show or book. I should probably sort out my priorities. Focus on school and whatnot.

IMG_0667 IMG_0648

IMG_0644Annnywho… last Saturday we ventured farther south to Blackpool. We left in the afternoon and traveled an hour and a half by bus to get to the city. We didn’t really know what to expect about Blackpool; all we knew is that we wanted to stay until it got dark because they light up the city. So when we got off the bus we were greeted by bustling streets lined with shops and restaurants. It was an actual city city with crowds, street performers and tallish buildings. Also just a little ways down the street there was a line of the stereotypical red phone booths. So of course we got in them and took pictures. This was happening while the locals were trying to make calls in other booths. I don’t know what I was expecting of Blackpool, but I didn’t picture the city as what it turned out to be. The best way to describe it is saying that if Atlantic City and Clifton Hill, Ontario had a baby, it would be Blackpool. Now I guess that is not helpful if you’ve never been to either of those place. So it was like a vacation city with casinos, theaters, piers filled with amusement ride and games, Madame Tussuads, aquarium, cheap toy shops and carnival food galore! It was like going on day vacation.

IMG_0660There were a couple things that we did know that were hot tourist spots. These being the Blackpool Tower, which is like a mini Eiffel Tower, and the Blackpool Dungeons, which is like a historical haunted house. So began our exploring at the poster listing the prices to the tourist attractions. From this quick glace and a minor heat attack, we realized that we would only be doing one of the activities.IMG_0679 We decided to make up our minds while we did a bit of shopping ( a girl’s favorite past time). The store of choice was Primark. I was really excited to go here because we don’t have them in America and I’ve heard a bunch of people talking about how great it is. For those who also don’t know what Primark is, it’s a really cheap clothing store. Like Forever 21 in America. In other words I wanted to buy the entire store because everything was so pretty! In the end I got a dress and skirt for £8. Whoop whoop!! I think I’ll be going back to this store because I am in love with the deals. Now to get back to the decision, we decided to do the dungeons because some of us have never experienced one of these style dungeons and let’s face it going up in a tower to look at the city is not as fun as getting scared by creepy actors dressed in 16th century garb. And let me tell you it was the right choice. It was like a mini history lesson going through the story of Blackpool. We went IMG_0733through creepy hallways to get into rooms where they talked about a certain gruesome event, all the while scaring you. It began with the black plague and we went into a “doctors office” where the butler man told us about the effects of the plague and how they cut the bodies apart and the horrible medical practices. We got sprayed with water when he cut apart a body, making it seem like blood and little things on our seat moved when he said he lost his leeches. from there we went into a dungeon torture chamber, we actual had to duck down in the hallway because the ceiling kept getting lower. I won’t spend this whole post talking about everything we went through but in a quick recap we learned about vikings, pirates, torture, the court system and witches. Though the best part had to be the ending because there was a ride. It was a simulation of being hung for witchcraft. So we went into a room and set or stuff off to the side and sat in the ride, which was two rows of seats back to back. A safety bar came down and we were raised into the air, maybe 25 feet (I’m a bad judge of distance). At the top there was a screen with a priest and executioner telling us that we have been sentenced to death by hanging of the neck for witchcraft. There were even nooses hanging above us, but before I had anytime to think about that the executioner pulled the lever and I was free falling! It was so much fun, like a ride at a theme park. I wanted to do it again. Also they took a photo while we were falling and it was hilarious to see all of our frightened screaming faces.


IMG_0703 IMG_0727After the dungeon we did our typical routine of exploring the city. We walked along the promenade, visited the three piers and enjoyed the fun atmosphere. Like expected when it got dark the streets lite up, along with the tower and rides. This was when I thought about how much it was like being on vacation strolling down the promenade ocean on one side and the lite up street filled with gift shops. Also there was a cable car line on the street where a lite up doubledecker ship and lite up mini train wen by. We walked all the way down to the south pier and walked around the rides and game stalls. Though sadly our time was running out and we had to speed walk back to get to the bus stop to get home.


Now here is where the story take a turn, so put on your safety gear because it’s about to get messy! Like I said before we had to catch a bus back to Lancaster. So we decided to go to the second to last bus just to be safe. When we arrive at the bus stop we were dropped off at we saw that some nice person had puked all over the ground inside the bus stop. So we obviously didn’t go near that and we just sat on the curb and waited patiently for the bus to arrive. Some time paces and we begin to question whether we have the right bus stop. We take out the schedule and see that we are in the right place so we decide to sit tight and wait for a bit long. We are waiting and waiting and by this time the bus is over ten minutes late. IMG_0723We aren’t the only ones at the bus stop. There is also two families with young children and we are all a little confused about why the bus hadn’t come yet. So we decide to brave the puke and see if there was a different schedule inside the bus stop. Upon further investigation we see that there is a sign hanging in the bus stop saying that the bus we need does not operate at this stop on Fridays and Saturdays after 7pm and that we had to go to another bus stop.  Luckily the nice families we banned with knew where the other stop was. So as a team we walked the two blocks to what we thought was the bus stop we had to go to. When we arrived we saw that there was multiple bus stops in a small area and none of them had a sign that said “Hey this is where you have to stand if you need to go back to Lancaster!” That would have been helpful. One of the dads even called the bus company and they were less then helpful about telling us where to go.1394068_10201731494360692_1760027124_n At this point it is like 10pm and the last bus comes at 10:45pm. The guy that called the bus station said that he did know a spot that the bus has to stop, so we decided to stick together and go with the families. We also began freaking out about what to do if we can’t catch the bus! Would be take a train back or stay the night or get a ride somehow?! To kill some time a few of us went down to the gas station to use there bathroom because let’s face it I really had to go. And here our good luck kept coming, the toilet was flooded and the cashier told us to go to the casino back by the bus stop the rest of the group was waiting at. When we got inside the casino they said that we could only get in if we were members and they told us to go to a pub two blocks away. By now I’m about to pee my pants so we speed walk to this little pub. And finally we have success! I’m sure you enjoyed that bit of the story and my learning about my bladder. So we got back to the bus stop and continued to wait. After about twenty minutes of waiting we see bus 42 (our bus) driving down the other side of the road and we all start cheering. After it passed we had to wait for it to come back around, which was another ten minutes of hoping that it was in fact going to go back down past us and not go on another route. We finally did see it and we all waved our arms letting the driver know that we need him to stop. There was a happy ending and we made it home very late, but it was a very exciting trip. So in conclusion make sure you know the bus schedule and check the bus stops for notices, even if there is puke!

Until next time…


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