As my time abroad draws to a close, I’ve taken some time to reflect on my experience and what I’ve learned. Being in another country is always different, no matter how similar we may seem. While in England I’ve done so many things and traveled a ton. One thing I learned during my time overseas […]

Some Scottish Christmas Spirit

This was the last trip. The last big adventure. And I can safely say that I am ready to just stay in one place for some time. I have loved traveling all over the place and seeing so many great things, but I am ready to just be still. So this past weekend we took […]

London Has Finally Called

So here we are nearly at the end of my incredible study abroad. I’ve been all over Europe and traveled around the north of England, but one big thing has been missing. Yes that’s right! I have yet to go to London, the city that most people assume I’m in when I say that I’m […]

Crossing Ireland

A few weeks ago I made it over to the other Island, Ireland. Lucky for me I have a friend who is studying in Ireland and we had a place to stay for part of our journey. We were in Ireland for five days and in two cities, Limerick and Dublin. Day One: From Oneside […]

Scouse For A Day

Forgive me for this post is very very late. I have been travelling throughout the month of November. Traveling like crazy. I was actually only in England for ten days in November. So as you might have imagined I’ve gotten rather backed up with the blogging becuase I’ve been away from my laptop exploring the […]

The Final Day

European Excursion Day Ten: Tram Police and a Scary Movie Our trip went by so fast. Even now that I’m writing about it almost a month later, I can’t believe how time flew. I also never thought that I would be sad to get on a plane to England. But both of these statements are […]

Alsace Lorraine

European Excursion Day Nine: Three Countries, Two Dogs And One 1970’s VW Van What I’m about to tell you about is my favorite day on the whole European trip. I don’t like to pick favorites, but if I was held at gunpoint I would say it was Saturday the 9th. It was all around a […]