As my time abroad draws to a close, I’ve taken some time to reflect on my experience and what I’ve learned. Being in another country is always different, no matter how similar we may seem. While in England I’ve done so many things and traveled a ton. One thing I learned during my time overseas is that my home will always be America. I’ve realized that I love to travel and explore, but I will always want to return back to my little town in Western New York. So, I have compiled a small list of some things that I miss, will miss and won’t miss.

What I miss about home:

1. First and most importantly I miss my family and friends. I missed being able to call my parents and talking to them. I missed my nerdy friends with whom I can talk for hours about TV shows, books and movies. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. I’ve been a way for a long time now and I can’t wait to see all their lovely faces again.

2. Not paying for everything! In England you literally have to pay for nearly everything. We had to pay for ketchup in the dinning hall! America is literally the land of freedom. You get free water in restaurants and you don’t have to pay for bags when you purchase things at a store. Also free printing and laundry at my university is something I miss very much.

3. This may make me sound like a total Hermione, but I miss my school. I really love Nazareth College and I can’t wait to be back. The English University is so incredibly different from my school back home. I miss my classes and professors and my amazing friends and especially my job. I can’t wait to be back there in the school that fits me so well.

4. I miss the food in America, both the buying it and the eating it. The food in England is okay, but they lack seasoning and I’ve eaten soo many potato products. I’m excited for food with a little more flavoring. I made a list of food that I want and at the top is Buffalo Chicken and an M & M McFlurry. The McFlurries over here are so tiny and all I want is one of our big ones. Buying food in America is a lot easier because we have preservatives, which I am a fan of. I say this because I buy a loaf of bread in England and it gets moldy in about four or five days. Plus, everything in the States is so much larger and you get a better bang for your buck.

What I will miss about England:

1. Again I’ll begin with the most important. I will miss all the people I got to know. I had a great time getting to know the other international students. It seems like just yesterday we were in orientation together and now we’ve all said goodbye. I’ll miss hearing all the German that I don’t understand. I’ve seriously become so accustomed to the German that it’s going to be weird not hearing it anymore.

2. I really loved the town that I’ve been living in. Lancaster is a nice place. I’ll miss walking into town and then having to walk back up that large hill. Oh how my legs would ache! I will miss the English charm, which sounds cliche but the villages just have this feeling about them. The towns in England are set up differently then back home and I’ll miss the shop lined streets.

3. I will miss the English people in general. I will miss hearing their lovely accents. I will miss being called love. Even though they say cheers all the time and it can be really annoying, I suspect that I will also miss that saying too. It was always nice going into town because there were people shopping, walking their dogs or taking their baby for a stole. It is a really nice atmosphere and I will miss it.

4. Lastly, I will miss exploring England (and Europe). I loved all the traveling I did and I will miss going on little day trips every weekend. I was great to be out experiencing a new place and seeing different things. My travels were a highlight of my study abroad and I will miss being able to travel.

What I won’t miss about England:

1. The main thing I can’t wait to escape is all the smoke. I didn’t realize that so many people smoked over here. I am almost always walking through secondhand smoke. There is a group that stands outside my flat entrance to smoke and they always seem to be there when I’m going to my flat. Way to go America for all the smoking regulations!

2. Public transportation. That is really all I need to say. I hate it and I can’t wait to have my car and I don’t care if I sound like a snob.

3. I will most definitely not miss the terrible exchange rate. Ugh the pound is worth so much more and killed me. Bye bye money!

4. I will not miss crossing the road. It may sound silly, but crossing the road can be a real pain. the whole pedestrians have the right of way is not a rule here. Cars are always flying by going way to fast and blowing through stop signs. The English drivers are seriously crazy!! When we would walk into town we would have to wait for cars because none ever stopped to let us cross the street.


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