Gone Girl

The first thing I should say is sorry that I’ve been gone for so long! I didn’t mean to abandon you, but I’ve been busy spending time with my family and starting school again. Plus where I live has little to no internet access, gasp! I got home from England on the 24th of December and then went back to school on January 6th. So what little time I had was spent with my family and friends. With that all said I really want to keep posting on this blog. I can’t promise you anything too exciting because I’m back to my boring life of work, school and Netflix. I’ve really enjoyed this blog and I want to keep it up, but at this present moment I don’t know the exact direction this blog is going to go in.

Since it’s call my life as Julia I plan to continue telling my story. Which brings me to what’s going to be happening on here for the next few months. I’m taking a social media course at my university and this course requires me to use one of my social media outlets to post about different topics. This blog will be used as one of those outlets, so be prepared for some social media knowledge. I hope you continue this journey with me!

Until next time…


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