Always Changing

“I just got a Facebook! You should totally get one too!!” This was the last ever message that I posted on my Myspace page. Now, Myspace wasn’t my first social media site. My first exposure to the world of social media was through AOL Instant Messenger, or more fondly known as AIM. I believe I was in middle school when I created my AIM account. I used it to talk to all my friends, because this was our only mode of talking to each other after school. AIM was like texting before I got a phone.

Social media has changed so much. The last time I went on Myspace I had no idea how to even use it and looking back at how much Facebook has changed, one can really see how much social media has improved in such a sort amount of time. There always is the most popular mode of social media from Myspace to Facebook and now to Twitter. In 2009, the year I left it behind, Myspace brought in $470 million in advertising revenue and in 2011 the site only brought in $184 million. Nowadays people are saying that Twitter will be taking over Facebook like Facebook took over Myspace. If we look at the numbers we see that Facebook has 4.75 billion users to Twitters 500 million users, so I don’t think that Facebook is going anywhere at this moment. For those who may be skeptical about the Facebook Twitter war check out this blog


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The internet is a big place filled with all types of people, I think that is what I’ve learned from social media. This blog right here has been read around the world! I wouldn’t have ever imagined that happening before social media. I have friends from different parts of both the USA and the world on Facebook, I can follow celebrities on Twitter and I’ve been exposed to the crazy fandoms on Tumblr. None of which was possible when I was first involved with social media. The world of social media and the internet will always be changing, improving and growing; we are the generation that is along for the ride.

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