Being Used

We are living in a time where nearly everyone has an online profile of some sort. I, myself, have several profiles on social media sites. I personally do not put a lot of personal information on my profile. On Facebook I just have the basic information filled out and I also have my profile on private. The information that I put online is correct, but I do put out a minimal amount of info. But how much information is too much information? In the article, Setting Boundaries: Just How Personal Should You Get Online, the author discusses what we should keep in mind when posting about or lives online.

I like to think that Facebook doesn’t do anything with my info that I put on my profile. I do trust them for the most part, but the reason that I don’t put my whole life online is that you never know who is going to read it or use it. I do know that Facebook uses our info for selling ad space. Advertisers choose key words or details — like relationship status, location, activities, favorite books and employment — and then Facebook runs the ads for the targeted subset of its 845 million users.


I am guilty of not reading the user agreements. Oops! But really do you ever read the agreement? They are always so long and most of the time I start to read it, but give up after a few paragraphs. So I guess if the site states in the agreement that it is going to use my personal info and I agree, it is really my own fault for allowing. According to research the average person spends only six seconds on the user agreement page, with no more than 8% actually reading the entire user agreement. I think that the reason we don’t read the agreements is because we have a personal fable. Most of us don’t think that anything bad will happen when we use the internet and put our personal info out there. We need to be careful about how much information we allow others to see because you never know who is going to reading it.



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