The Dying and The Addiction: A Tale of the Computer and Smartphone

Is the computer dying? Perhaps I am the only person that wants to keep it around. I have my smartphone, but I prefer to do certain things on the computer. Facts are facts and the computer screen is much larger than my little phone screen. If I’m going to browse the internet, use Tumblr or watch a movie, I won’t do that on my phone. I don’t even like using YouTube on my phone.  I’m writing this on my laptop not my phone. I couldn’t imagine writing my blogs on my phone, the keys are too small! Maybe I’m just picky, but the screen isn’t large enough for optimal enjoyment.

This video shows the rapid take off of the smartphone:

I do know that smartphones are taking over. Many people are using them for their internet use and other services once provided only but the computer. That trend will only continue and mobile data traffic will surge 300% across the globe by 2017, according to researchers from Strategy Analytics. Also, according to a July survey by the Pew Research Center, one in four smartphone owners prefer to connect to the Internet from their smartphone rather than their computer. About a third of them don’t even bother with high-speed home networking.

Have you noticed that everyone is always on their phone? I personally hate it when a friend is on their phone when we are hanging out. They are texting another person while I just sit there thinking, what am I even doing here?  Then again I am also guilty of being on my phone when I’m with other people. When I watch TV with my friends I go on my phone during the commercial breaks. Oops! I do think that the continuous use of cellphones has effected our social skills. People nowadays are so attached to their phones and prefer to play on them instead of talking to the person that is sitting right across from them. Oh society what are you doing? But to be honest I don’t think that it is going to change. We have grown so attached to these phones that I don’t think they will be going anywhere, anytime soon. Sure we have tablets now, but they aren’t like a small phone that can be brought places with you. Smartphones have become our lifeline when we are bored, stressed or needing some form of communication. They are here to stay…for now.

You are a smartphone addict?


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