Fandom Branding

Standing by a product you love and even becoming a bit of a preacher about how great the product is, has become a relatively normal occurrence. You can see people wearing their favorite brands or writing about the brands they love on social media sites. There isn’t one specific product that I stand by. For me the products I support of franchises, such as Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.

Franchises can equal a brand, that can be marketed and sold to the public. Franchises create fandoms, which are a group of fans who are emotionally invested and devoted to a particular franchise. Franchises include and are not limited to movies, television shows, comic books, book and videogames. I am loyal to several franchises, one being Harry Potter. I own all the Harry Potter movies, both the American version and UK version of the books and I own merchandise. Not only do I support these franchises financially, but I also support them by telling others about my love. I’ve gotten several people to watch and read, both Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. My sister even named her cat Khaleesi after I introduced her to Game of Thrones. I may not stand by a specific product, but I do stand by the franchises that I’ve grown to love. Checkout this Facebook page dedicated to the loyalty for Harry Potter even after the last movie installment. It is obvious that these individuals support the Harry Potter brand.

fandom fandom 2

Devout fans brand themselves with fandom names. Examples of these names are Trekkies, Directioners and Gleeks. Fans show their strong connection to the franchise by giving a name to themselves, proclaiming to all their support of the franchise. With the rise of the internet fandoms have an even bigger platform to support their brand. Constance Bamford wrote an article about branding fictional entertainment. She says, “There are certain aspects of the brand which unite fans, such as the language, words and discussion of plot intricacies, but every reader has a fundamentally private relationship with the series, which connects on a much deeper emotional level than other brand products.” Fandom brands are derived from passion and sense of belonging to a community. Fandoms are made by fans and fueled by fans and go in the direction that the fans what it to go.

“Attaching yourself to a character means you want to share their story. You want to enter their world and see what happens. It is more like being alongside them as a buddy. You don’t walk in their shoes but rather in their shadow, quietly, as they live in their alternative world.” ~ Vaneta Rogers




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