Now What?

Oh Hi there! Remember me? I once posted here semi regularly. Sooo, where have I been hiding?

Well, the truth is I’ve been busy, which is honestly one of the worst excuses ever. It has been months since I last posted and during that time I have worked every day this summer to make money to pay for school. And I know, I know that sounds incredibly fun. This daily toil of office work and costumer interaction does not make for good blogging material. Let’s be honest. None of you would want to read about my days filing paper work or the few times I had to rearrange documents on selves in order to make room for more documents. I mean really that is boring! So, I instead abandoned this blog for a few months and I’ve now come crawling back. Forgive me please! I will try to post here more often, but I will make no official agreement of how often. My life tends to get on the way of this blogging because I am first and foremost a student. Since August I have been back at school and much like my summer jobs, school is also not too thrilling. I don’t travel like I did when I was studying abroad and my days are filled with classes, observations, work and my brief time on tumblr to waste what little free time I have left in the day.

I hope to continue posting here because I enjoy blogging. I like to get my thoughts out and I think that I am relatively funny, at least I laugh when I write this stuff. With all that said I’ll be talking to you soon.

Until Next Time…


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