Media Marathoning Rules to Binge By

Picture this.

It is 2:30 in the morning; you are tightly cuddled under blankets in your bed with a laptop sitting on your knees. Your eager eyes are inches from the screen as you watch with a heart pounding in your chest. “Oh no! This can’t be happening,” you frantically think as your favorite character ventures into most certain peril. Within this safe little cocoon you have watched episode after episode of your show, while simultaneously digging yourself into a deep hole. Watching a full season has been the only thing you’ve accomplished today. You didn’t do any of your homework; you’ve put off taking a shower. On top of that, you’ve worn your pajamas all day and there is now way you even stepped foot outside.

This is the life of a binge watcher.

Once you start a binge you enter a dangerous territory in which you must navigate with extreme caution, so that you do not get whisked away from the real world, too absorbed with the fiction universe that has taken control of your life. When you begin a binge you may want to set up some guide lines. Here are my suggestions:

1. I promise that I will only binge after I have completed at least a quarter of my homework.

2. I promise to work on the rest of my homework to the best of my ability during the binge watching.

3. I promise to only stay up past 3:00 am on weekends or on weekdays when I have my first class after 12:00.

4. I promise to spend at least one hour a day in the real world with real people participating in various activities, including but not limited to:

  • Talking to others about the weather
  • Going for a brief walk outside
  • Getting dinner with friends and/or strangers
  • Running errands to stock up on binging snacks
  • Visiting local hotspots, such as museums and coffee shops, that others find to be an enjoyable place to spend their free time

5. Lastly, I promise to not drive away my friends when I become so consumed with the show that little else leaves my mouth, but my feelings on what is presently occurring in my binge.

s bingeBinge watching a show can be a very powerful experience in which you both lose yourself and find yourself all within a matter of seasons. That is why it is best to remember you control the binge, the binge does not control you! With all that in mind you can now safely proceed into your binge. During the course of the binge refer back to the rules when you are finding it hard to separate the real world from the one behind your screen.

If you feel as though you cannot emotionally handle your binge alone, turn to the kind folks on the internet. Safe havens for bingers can be found all over the internet in forms of fan blogs. A great place to turn in your moments of need is tumblr. Find a blog that is dedicated to the show you are watching. Here within your shows tag you will find solace. Like minded individuals share their opinions of event from the show and ship their favorite characters on these blogs. You only need to beware of the spoilers that you can stumble upon, so make sure not to search for anything you will regret. Good luck and happy binging.

Until next time…


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