Where to Begin a Binge?


Before every great adventure, and by adventure I mean binge, you need to have a course of action. For a binge the first step is to find a show, obviously. Finding a show seems like it would be easy, but alas it can be the most difficult part of a binge. It is difficult on account of what seems like the endless amount of shows available. The best advice I can give you forfinding the next show you watch is to create a list. I literally have a note on my computer with a list of shows that I want to watch. This list is a combination of shows that I’ve been told to watch by my friends and shows that I’ve seen commercials or reviews on who seem interesting.

In my opinion, the best way to find a new show to binge is from friends and family. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Getting a suggestion from a friend is a reliable source. They will provide some background, maybe even tell you where you can find the show or let you borrow their DVDs. I’ve had many binges encouraged by friends. My current binge on Sons of Anarchy is the product of suggestions from two for my friends, who are devout fans. One had been telling me to watch the show since last summer and he was very persistent in having me watch it. Another reason why a friend’s suggestion is great is because they know you and your tastes. If they believe you will like a show then it is likely that you will enjoy it. Plus, you may have found a binge buddy if they want to rewatch it with you. A final reason friend’s suggestion is a great way to fine a binge is that you may be able to tell how amazing a show is based off of the friend’s enthusiasm, persistence and knowledge of the show’s world and/or fandom. A person who is hyped about a show can easily inspire other to jump on the bingeing bandwagon.

If your friends don’t binge TV shows (lame) or have terrible taste, you may consider searching the internet for your next binge victim. Since the internet is a massive vortex of information you can find countless sources on suggested binge worthy shows. Check out Buzzfeed or another entertainment news website for lists of shows to binge. Another great source is YouTube. Many YouTube channels have reviews on shows or countdowns of best shows from different genres. Watchmojo is a channel that I’ve gotten binge ideas from. Or you could find a show just by scrolling through a streaming site, whether it be Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or another source.

The possibilities are endless, so get out there and find your next binge!

Until next time…


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