When a Binge Watch Ends

It is a feeling like none other: the feeling of a finale.

In my experience of binge watching there have been many highs and lows in a binge. A time when your feelings are most vulnerable is the finale, but alas there are two types of finales. The season finale and the series finale.


A season finale is when the show you are watching ends their episode run, whether it be 24, 13 or 10 episodes. A season finale is a very exciting time in your binge because it is the conclusion to what you have been watching over the past few days or hours. Normally there is some sort of closure for the events of the season, but you may be watching a show were the shifty writer will leave you with a cliff hanger.

In this case you will be experiencing an array of emotions from panic, dizziness or blatant anger. If you are watching a show that has other seasons out you can continue your binge as soon as possible in order to get the answers that you so desperately crave. Unfortunately, you may find yourself watching a show were the next season is not out yet. This is a hard place to find yourself because you now have to begin the waiting game. This waiting game is tough because depending on when you binged you may find several months will pass before the new season is set to air. When this is the case, take several deep breathes (in and out, in and out) and seek comfort on Tumblr. Seek your shows tag to remind yourself of all the memories of the show to tie you over until the new season begins. Watch a few fan videos or, if you are feeling exceptionally brave, read a fan fiction to keep the fictional world alive.

Then there is the pain inducing series finale where the world you have grown to love comes to an ends. A series finale also comes with several strong emotions, such as immense sadness, the calming peace that it is all over or frustration with an unsatisfying conclusion. A series finale is tough because no matter how hard it is to except, your show is over. Those characters, relationships and world do not live beyond your computer or television screen. When a show ends it may feel like those characters have died, even if they didn’t physically die in the show. During your binge you grew to know characters and most likely created bonds with them through emotionally investing yourself into the characters. This is why a series finale can be so hard on a binger. The first step in getting through a binge ending is excepting that it is over. Reflect on all the good times you had while watching. Another thing you could do to find solace in your grieving is to get a friend to watch the show. This way you can live vicariously through them as they watch the show. You can rewatch it with your friend and watch them experience all the highs and lows. This copping technique will also create a buddy to discuss the show with. Then when the show inevitably comes to a close you can mourn the loss together. A final piece of advice, just start a new show to mask your pain and take your mind off of the fact your show is over.

May the circle of binge watching continue. Enjoy your next binge!

Until next time…


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