And So It Begins

No, I have not disappeared again. I have just been working my butt off to try to make as much money as possible before I ship off to New York City, where I can only assume all that money will magically evaporate.

For the past few months I haven’t had much progress on my move to NYC. This is for several reasons. First and foremost, the program I will be working with had not told us where we would be placed. Thus this limited the housing search because I didn’t know where I’d be working. No sense looking in one borough and then being placed in another. I want to find a place located in the same borough or in an area close by to limit the length of my commute, keeping a realistic mindset on average commuter travel time. A major positive from this time in limbo is through this research and exploration, I have narrowed down where I am aiming to find a place to Harlem/ Upper Manhattan (I assume that’s not the official title). Just exploring the neighborhood, the look and the feel and the accessibility to the heart of the city is very appealing to me. The second issue that I have found is that most of the places that are being offered have a super quick turn around. For example it is June 21 now and many apartments are renting for the beginning of July, so there is not a large selection for renting in August at the moment. On top of that, I have unfortunately not been blessed by the money fairy. Small budget limits the search as well. New York is very very expensive…duh you silly naive girl! I understand that I will not be living in Monica’s apartment in Greenwich Village, but more like a closet size room with many roommates. I just look at this aspect as another part of the adventure.

Happy news is that I have found out the area I’ll be working! This will really get things moving in the apartment search department. Drum roll please…I will be serving in South Bronx! When I first found out that this was my placement, I wasn’t sure how I felt because I hadn’t really thought about being placed there. My excitement for this location has grown over the past few days since I first found out. The schools in South Bronx that the program partners with are all at the elementary level, which makes me very happy because I hope to have my year of serve count for my professional teaching certification. I was concerned that I would be placed in a high school where I have no prior knowledge, besides my own high school experience. This placement also fits into my preferred area of living, making for a reasonable commute to school. It is also cool to be placed in the Bronx for one other reason. One of my professors, who I talked to about this program in the beginning stages of me figuring out what I wanted to do and sought out her advice, is actually from the Bronx and still has family in the area! It is kind of a small connection to her as I start on this new adventure away from college. I am hopeful for her knowledgeable insight on the area and any wisdom she wishes to lay upon my naive country girl state of mind.

With the knowledge of my placement, I can now start moving forward with my plans to move down to the city. With all that said I am feeling a mix of paralyzing fear and unyielding excitement for this new adventure!

Until Next Time…



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