The Hunt

At this moment I am sitting in the living room of my New York City apartment, excitedly maneuvering decorations and outfitting the place with all it needs to be a functional living space. I had originally planned to write about my experience apartment hunting, while providing useful advice about navigating the rental ecosystem of New York. The thing about plans is they often change, which is exactly what happened in my situation. So the story of how I managed to land my place begins on Facebook.

One of the greatest resources that my Americorp program provided us with is a Facebook group where all the Corp members can connect. It was here, after an average day at work, that I saw a post about needing a roommate. I immediately jumped on this opportunity because I had been having no luck on my own. Miriam, this roommate searching Corp member, and I chatted and realized we would make a great match. Her boyfriend, Jake, was already living in the city at the time and another friend would be joining in on the apartment fun. It is here that my journey finding a place really shifted because I did not have to do any serious searching. Since Jake was there he took on the brunt of searching, touring, and eventually securing the apartment I am an typing in. We had multiple conversations through email and text about the places and applications. It was a bit nerve wracking to be putting my trust in someone else and on top of that it was somebody I had never even met before. My main job in the hunt was to provide my information to be apart of the lease and then go into the office to actually sign the lease when the time came, which was the first time I even met my roommates in person. Easy peasy right? I highly suggest doing it this way because my stress level was at a moderate rate during the process.

With that said I can provide some insight on finding housing in the New York market:

  1. Look into housing groups on Facebook. Here people post listings for roommates and subleasing options.
  2. Websites such as easystreet and zumper provide lots of rentals. This is where we found our apartment listing.
  3. Other websites can be used to locate others looking for roommates like roomzoom or easyroommate.
  4. Look out for broker frees. Just go through a realtor.
  5. Tour the place before you rent! There are lots of scams out there so be careful.
  6. Do research about the neighborhoods you’re interested in, but be open to places that may not be 100% what you desire.
  7. Google map your commute from the potential properties. It’s great to see what the transportation access in like because you’ll want to be getting out there and exploring the city.


This was obviously a major portion of planning for my move to New York and I am very happy with the place we found. I’m excited to start exploring the city more as I learn my way around!

Until next time…


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