Stage One of Public Transportation Acceptance

I will come out right away and say that I am a snob when it comes to public transportation. My life has been very easy up to this point in not needing to rely on a system outside my control to take me from place to place. Not having the ability to decided when and how to get to my desired destination is going to be a learning experience for me over these next few months.0904161413

My goal is to become fluent in at least the subway system. I would aim for the buses too, but there are just too many to keep track of. This is a challenge I am ready to take on. Over the past three weeks I have grown accustom to certain features of the subway system.

  1. It is always blistering hot in the subway, which makes waiting on the platform less than enjoyable.
  2. Man spreading is a very real and serious issue plaguing the New York subway. This is when a man takes up multiple seats because he cannot seem to keep his knees together like the rest of us.
  3. There is no need to panic when the lights in the car shut off. Apparently this is perfectly fine and normal.
  4. Be prepared to get cozy during peek travel times. Nothing like being pressed up against random strangers early in the morning!
  5. Stairs, stairs and more stairs. My legs are going to be toned.
  6. Express trains are beautiful creatures that make moving around the city much easier.
  7. Always plan ahead. Be early. Be very early because you never know when your train will be stuck underground for 30 minutes.
  8. There is a chance of musical numbers. I’ve experienced break dancing in the car, which involved some creative pole swinging, and a father/ daughter accordion dance number.
  9. Begging is sadly also a common.
  10. Rides can be unpredictable, so hold on to that pole or you’re going to go flying!


In my mind I thought that the subway would be my main form of transportation, but I’ve discovered that I really like the bus. First off, you are above ground. Secondly, there is normally seating. With that said there is one major shadow hanging of the perfection of bus rides. That would be the fact that the bus drivers typically don’t tell you where you are when you stop or what’s coming next. This can be a real struggle at night when you cannot see street signs and only have your keen gut feeling for when you need to get off. Hey, I’m still learning. Maybe there is a better way to go about this bus riding system, but I’m into the adventure.

Until next time…


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