Number 5: Be Apart of Jimmy Fallon’s Audience

Slight change here, we went to Seth Meyers instead of Fallon. This post will be about my experience in a late night audience. How to get tickets: I knew that I wanted to go to one of the late night shows that tape in NYC. Of all the late night talk shows only three tape […]

Number 14: Find the Friends Apartment

Friends is one of my all time favorite shows, so naturally I felt like I had to locate the apartment building that was used as show’s facade. You can find the apartment here. This little expedition was really fun because Greenwich Village is adorable! Walking the tiny streets, lined with some of the oldest houses […]

Number 35: Get a New York City Library Card

This task was done fairly early on in the relocation to the city because my need for books is strong. The library system here is extensive, with 87 branches and 53 million books across the five boroughs. Having a library card makes me feel connected to the city, like an official resident. I think that […]