Number 6: See Shakespeare in the Park

I unintentionally crossed this one off the bucket list. Let me tell this brief story. 

So it all began with us killing time before meeting friends in the East Village. We were aimlessly walking around midtown, looking for a place to sit, when we walked into Bryant Park, which has tons of seating and is an all in all great place to hangout. Upon entering the park we were greeted by a full on production of Measure for Measure. We came into the play near the tail end, so needless to say we were quite confused. The general plot is there’s a guy pretending to be another guy, people are being put in jail, there is a pregnant Juliet (not the same as the one with Romeo), and a guy in power is corupt. Just a basic summary for you. An interesting aspect of this adaptation was that they set it in modern day, but continued to use Shakespearean language. We only watch for about twenty minutes before we had to leave, but it was fun trying to figure out what was happening.
Until next time…


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