Number 38: Tour Columbia

The idea of going to an Ivy League school is a glamorous notion. I wanted to take the opportunity to tour the Columbia Teacher’s College while I am living in the city for a glimpse at a possibility. A possibility of myself sitting in an Ivy League getting an education from one of the best schools of education. 

Hogwarts style dinning facilities and amazing architecture for the eye to behold! 

I really enjoyed the info session, panels, and campus tour. Sad to say it felt like every other college tour I went on. I guess just because it’s an Ivy League doesn’t mean it will be next level fancy. Color me disappointed! In all seriousness the school is great and it would be an honor to go there, but I don’t think it’s in my future.

I walked through Columbia University’s green after my Teacher’s College tour just to get the full Columbia experience.

Until next time…


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