Binge Watching in Real Life

The result of my obsessive binge watching habits and a project for my communications class. This fun and fabulous video is the product. Hurray for the thrill, chills and tears of binge watching. Happy binge watching. Keep on running those media marathons! Until Next time… Advertisements

When a Binge Watch Ends

It is a feeling like none other: the feeling of a finale. In my experience of binge watching there have been many highs and lows in a binge. A time when your feelings are most vulnerable is the finale, but alas there are two types of finales. The season finale and the series finale. A […]

To the Binge Watchers and Media Marathoners

Are you ready to fall head over heels, knee deep in a story, growing unhealthily attached to characters and spending days latched onto your laptop out of fear for the unknown well-being of these characters? Well, if this sounds like an enjoyable experience—boy, do I have a proposition for you. Media marathoning, or binge watching, […]