Number 48: Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge: one of the most iconic structures in all of New York City. This historic landmark was opened in 1883, but nowadays is a hotbed for meandering tourists, wedding photographers, and the random cycling commuter. It also serves as a bridge for vehicles to traverse the East River to and from Brooklyn. This is […]

Number 24: Walk the High Line

  The High Line Park, what was once a rail line is now a cool garden and walking path. Walking the line takes you through the West Side’s Meatpacking District and Chelsea, both very nice neighborhoods so feel free to stop off for some shopping or food. Along the way you get views of the […]

A Train Ride To Almost Scotland

This past Saturday we went the farthest North so far. We went to Carlisle which is a city on the border of Scotland and England, so we where in almost Scotland. I was really excited about this trip for several reasons. One we got to ride a train, which thrills me like I’m Sheldon Cooper […]