Number 35: Get a New York City Library Card

This task was done fairly early on in the relocation to the city because my need for books is strong. The library system here is extensive, with 87 branches and 53 million books across the five boroughs. Having a library card makes me feel connected to the city, like an official resident. I think that […]

New York City Bucket List

Since I will be spending 11 months in NYC I’ve decided to make myself a little bucket list. These are some of my goals during my time in the city. Here is what I have so far and I’m sure I’ll be adding to the list. So, here is my official New York to-do list: […]

And So It Begins

No, I have not disappeared again. I have just been working my butt off to try to make as much money as possible before I ship off to New York City, where I can only assume all that money will magically evaporate. For the past few months I haven’t had much progress on my move […]