And So It Begins

No, I have not disappeared again. I have just been working my butt off to try to make as much money as possible before I ship off to New York City, where I can only assume all that money will magically evaporate. For the past few months I haven’t had much progress on my move […]

To the Binge Watchers and Media Marathoners

Are you ready to fall head over heels, knee deep in a story, growing unhealthily attached to characters and spending days latched onto your laptop out of fear for the unknown well-being of these characters? Well, if this sounds like an enjoyable experience—boy, do I have a proposition for you. Media marathoning, or binge watching, […]

Make Me A Celebrity

The power of social media has definitely changed since it first came on the scene. Two trends that have become increasingly popular because of social media are living a purposely public life and the ability to get paid through a social media. Most teenagers are living incredibly public lives. They have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, […]

Fandom Branding

Standing by a product you love and even becoming a bit of a preacher about how great the product is, has become a relatively normal occurrence. You can see people wearing their favorite brands or writing about the brands they love on social media sites. There isn’t one specific product that I stand by. For me […]

Living With Regret

Our lives are displayed online for anyone to see. Many people use social media sites, like Facebook, to talk about their personal lives, opinions and also to vent about things that drive them crazy. Our social media profiles may not always display our ideal self. So, what happens when an employer looks for you online […]

The Dying and The Addiction: A Tale of the Computer and Smartphone

Is the computer dying? Perhaps I am the only person that wants to keep it around. I have my smartphone, but I prefer to do certain things on the computer. Facts are facts and the computer screen is much larger than my little phone screen. If I’m going to browse the internet, use Tumblr or […]