Stuck In A Maze

European Excursion Day Eight: A Floating City And Some Swiss Chocolate After a restless night on our Hogwarts Express we made it into Venice at 6:30 in the morning. Oh the joys of saving money by taking public transportation. Since it was still dark out we hung around the train station and waited for the […]

Holy City

European Excursion Day Seven: Culture And A Night Train Waking up in Rome after a fantastic night of sleep is one of the greatest feelings I have ever had! Before we could start our final day in Rome we had to checkout of the hostel and drop our bags off at a laundry mat because […]

Walking On History

European Excursion Day Six: A Stroll Through Rome Day six began very early for us. We had to get up at 3:30am and get a ride to the airport for our flight at 6:00am. The morning was complete with me falling down the wooden stairs, yes I fell again. More like a slide down the […]

Medieval Ghent

European Excursion Day Five: A Canal Boat and Thai Food After a fantastic night sleep up in our private loft we had a yummy breakfast of eggs, toast and strawberries while we planned our day. Since it was going to rain pretty much everywhere Theresa suggested we go, we decided on the place with the […]

Rainy Day Perspective

European Excursion Day Four: Struggle City and a Home Away from Home Amsterdam was definitely a defining moment in our trip. We fondly renamed Amsterdam to Struggle City. This part of our journey didn’t go exactly as planned, but we made the most of it none the less. We arrived in Amsterdam at 6:30am from […]

Paris Icons

European Excursion Day Three: Free Day After such a crazy day before we had a day planned with a lot less running around. We had two main things on our plate, Versailles and the Louvre. A complete accident we were visiting Paris on the first weekend of the month and one of  the best things […]

Literally Falling In Love

European Excursion Day Two: Exploring Paris After an amazing night sleep on that hotel mattress, I”m being serious that mattress was heaven, we got up and set off on our grand exploration into the city of love. We decided to walk into the center of city from our hotel. This was a great idea because […]

Learning The Hard Way

Euro Excursion Day One: Departure to Paris Now, I’m sad to say that this trip did not have a very happy beginning. Actually, a better way of saying that is our trip had a horrible beginning that made me want to throw everything out the window and not go at all!! But let’s start in […]

There And Back

Now I know I haven’t posted in awhile, but I have a good excuse this time. For the past ten days I’ve been doing some serious travelling around Europe. I went to six countries, visited 8 cities, slept on buses and trains, saw a wonder of the world, and ate lots of yummy food! But […]